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We Are The Group

Welcome to Emirates International Group. We are a private holding company that makes long term investments in companies across a range of industries where we see value and growth. We provide a permanent home for our group of companies; building value over time by retaining earnings and reinvesting in each business.

Our long term commitment through various business environments has provided our companies with the stability and support necessary for our management teams to maximize the inherent value of their assets. We operate a decentralized business model with each company’s management team operating independently and with broad autonomy. We enable our operating subsidiaries to experience strong financial returns, by retaining highly skilled and experienced management teams with attractive incentives, and through capital support.

We have long term interests in leading companies in the mining, mineral recovery, security. Our affiliated operating companies are united in their commitment to environmental responsibility, to ensuring the health and safety of their employees, and to respecting and protecting the communities in which they operate.

Since our founding, we have completed more than 32 acquisitions and continue to actively pursue new opportunities. Should you wish to explore a commercial transaction with Emirates International Group, please contact us

The Group:

Corporate Governance

Being an exceptional corporate citizen is integral to being a market leader

Emirates International Group and our affiliated companies take a serious approach toward our commitment to excellence in environmental stewardship, workplace safety, the well-being of employees and the support of local communities where our companies operate. It is this commitment that has led Emirate's affiliates to invest on environmental improvement and remediation, employee safety, social and community projects since inception. As you will see, this commitment is a natural extension of Emirates International Group's wider philosophy of fostering the growth, financial strength and performance of the companies we invest in.

Since inception, every company we have acquired or invested in has undergone continuous and dramatic improvements in the areas of environmental controls, technology innovation, operations safety, recycling and has supported initiatives to enhance surrounding communities.