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We have long term interests in leading companies in the mining, mineral recovery, metals production / fabrication, security, and automotive supply industries. Our affiliated operating companies are united in their commitment to environmental responsibility, to ensuring the health and safety of their employees, and to respecting and protecting the communities in which they operate.

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Over 300 employees focus on making our clients’ private markets investment
programs a true success. That’s all we do. And we do it with passion.

About The Group

Welcome to The Emirates International Group. We are a private holding company that makes long term investments in companies across a range of industries where we see value and growth. We provide a permanent home for our group of companies; building value over time by retaining earnings and reinvesting in each business.

Our long term commitment through various business environments has provided our companies with the stability and support necessary for our management teams to maximize the inherent value of their assets. We operate a decentralized business model with each company’s management team operating independently and with broad autonomy. We enable our operating subsidiaries to experience strong financial returns, by retaining highly skilled and experienced management teams with attractive incentives, and through capital support.

The Group:

Emirates International Credit (EIC) EIG Corporate

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A distinctive and attractive Risk / Return profile.
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We are a globally diversified real estate investor.
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The most Comprehensive in the Industry.
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We are highly selective on Quality
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