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Our Mission, Values
and Motto

The Emirates International Group is a multinational conglomerate whose portfolio currently includes Real Estate, Oil and Gas, Mining, Finance, Contracting & Engineering, Industrial & Commercial Trading, Air Transport & Freight services, Hospitality among others. It is one of the largest corporations in the world, maintaining a prominent position of leadership and pioneering among its peers.

The Group is a powerful and vibrant company that employs over 5000 personnel working in more than eighty five locations across the world. Paramount importance to the company philosophy is the affirmation that work volume is but one of many indexes of progress and development, where a constant strive for customer satisfaction and ensuring high-quality work are equally important. Together, all these factors contribute to expanding the Group’s horizons and bolster its drive force.

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Why choose us

Our Mission

We aim to achieve economic growth in the commercial, industrial, construction, real estate, and service sectors, all while preserving our moral values. Ultimately, we realize our excellence in providing services to local and international customers in way that the benefits of this growth are reflected on the group, but most importantly its customers and the communities in which it operates.

Our Vision

In this rapidly changing world, and amidst serious competition, we believe that those who innovate and seek better productivity can survive and achieve greatness. Business models considered new today will become old-fashioned tomorrow. Our philosophy, therefore, has always been one of continuous improvement and development in all activities and fields of work.


Emirates International Group greatly believes that every business, no matter how large or small, plays a key role in the development, preservation and sustainability of the world we live in, that is why we at Emirates International Group choose to constantly involve ourselves in projects and initiatives that we believe are vital in accomplishing this sense of duty. We work in partnership with official organizations.

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