Contracting & Engineering

With property development at the heart of our Group’s business operations, it established a base of contracting and engineering companies operating hand-in-hand with its real estate arm.

This comes as an effort to ensure a comprehensive approach to property development, and to ultimately ensure that the utmost quality of services and the highest project standards are delivered to its customers and clients.

We at Emirates International Group are committed and dedicated to retain our high standard deliverables and to keep servicing our clients by providing them with the quality works and services that we’ve been always renowned with and accredited by them.
Our skilled team of Engineers, Architects, Designers as well as the qualified members of executive management, are all committed to achieve corporate objectives, that is to upgrade the quality of work to higher standards by improving efficiency and performance. We therefore, apply the highest international stands of engineering, accuracy, safety, rules & regulations into all our projects in which we gain in return a valuable recognition.
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